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All Fogged Up!

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I guess I should be thankful that this is all I have to bitch about, but whenever it rains, my windshield and side windows fog up worse than on any car I have ever driven. I have to constantly cycle the defogger switch on and off to keep them clear. With the defogger on, the air coming out of the W/S vent is very warm and once the W/S is clear, I turn it off.
On other vehicles, there is a split setting to run a trickle of air over the W/S to keep it clear rather that having to select full defrost.

Am I missing something? Is there a setting to allow both heat and defog?

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The A/C comes on when you hit the defrost button because it provides not only cool, but also dry air. The temperature switch can overcome the cool air to get warm dry air for the defrost. This along with not using the recirc button would provide the optimal condition.
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