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Am I 2 picky

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I have had a chance to put about 50 kms on my new Odyssey EX,I hear some rattle from the driver side sliding door, not bad but it is evident, has anyone else had this problem, should i expect a little rattle here and there??????
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Ideally it shouldn't rattle, I have the same problem too (3000 miles, 4828 km). I'm planning on taking it back to the dealer next week. Also having some valve tap-like sound, at idle it sounds like a tractor (okay, not that bad). Any ideas?

I have the same sounds, so I made sure I turned off the fans, AC and all other stuff, but the Ody doesn't purr quietly like it did when I first got it. It does sound a lot like a tractor, and I've only got 1500 miles on it. I will try to bring it in next week and see what kind of answer I get!

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Read the post " Tailgate hard to close " It may be that the door bumper ajustment screws are in too tight. Check out Chuck K's fix (with pictures and arrows) and see if it helps. Good Luck!

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