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Another bad SS paint job...

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Well, its true. Don't know why it took me from June until now to find it, maybe it has something to do with the wax... At any rate, starting up by the driver's side windshield washer squirter & travelling down to the front of the hood is a big long cloud 'line'. In the fall sun here in Nashville; and I mean its S-U-N-N-Y without any hint of clouds (unlike my car) there it was.

I've washed this thing practically every week since I purchased it and never noticed this...and I looked hard but it was so obvious yesterday even my wife commented on it.

My hypothesis; I had just scrubbed the vehicle down with Dawn in preparation for some heavy Zaino action and so I probably had a good deal of the wax off. Later in the day I was unable to see it.

What to do...

A) Get really upset and start the dickering with Honda.
B) Get over it and say that its not that big of a deal, even though I forked over 30K for this thing.
C) Get over it; but let Honda know my displeasure and get on with my life.

I think C is the only way I can go and keep my sanity. Am I happy about this? NO. Am I willing to get an ulcer trying to Honda to do right by me? NO. Am I sucker who is just taking what I've been fed? NO.

I made this decision about 30 minutes after discovering the problem and I've moved on. My life is great and if this is my biggest complaint, I can suck it up and consider it a lesson learned. I'm not saying this is the decsion others should make; I'm just letting you know what I decided. If Honda happens to do a recall of all SS paintjobs or offers me a new van when I register my complain, fine. I'm just not holding my breath.
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Thanks Tomhan, Errol & others.

No, my paint (just by looking at Tomhan's pics) is not NEARLY that bad. In fact, let me point out again that it took me 4 months to notice it. Having said that; it isn't subtle either; my wife noticed it as well. It seems the problem (in my case) is definitely alleviated with a good waxing. I'm not sure why; possibly because of the way the light reflects off it.

So let me emphasize to you other unlucky SS owners; if it took you several months to notice (a) even sitting at the dealer for 8 hours staring at the paint probably wouldn't have made a difference and (b) no one else will likely notice either. It was a combination of cleaning and sunlight that made it show up on mine. I can live with it although it doesn't make me happy to know Honda keeps churning these bad paint jobs out.

Quick poll; mine is obvious around the driver's window washer & then straight towards the bottom. Has anyone had this paint problem on any of the other parts of the body? It seems most prevelant on the hood although its harder probably to notice the sides (not direct sunlight) and I doubt anyone is sitting on a ladder gazing at the roof.

So, let me repeat again; for me the best decision was to live with it but at the same time to voice my displeasure with Honda. If enough of us do this; I would suspect Honda will revisit this issue at some point and figure out what the hell is wrong with their silver painting process on vans.
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Exactly, Jeff.

My wife made the comment to me "Oh, so you finally found it. Are you happy now?"

That brought me back to reality that I must have been quietly obsessing about this for awhile and was 'expecting something to happen'.

That's why I decided not to lose sleep over it. I probably would not have noticed it at all had I not seen Tomhan's (and others) posts and if I had noticed it; I would have just assumed it was the angle of the sun or a reflection from a nearby tree or something.

I'll try & get a snapshot of it so we maybe we can put together a photo album of owners w/ bad SS paint jobs to use as evidence with Honda.
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