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Another bad SS paint job...

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Well, its true. Don't know why it took me from June until now to find it, maybe it has something to do with the wax... At any rate, starting up by the driver's side windshield washer squirter & travelling down to the front of the hood is a big long cloud 'line'. In the fall sun here in Nashville; and I mean its S-U-N-N-Y without any hint of clouds (unlike my car) there it was.

I've washed this thing practically every week since I purchased it and never noticed this...and I looked hard but it was so obvious yesterday even my wife commented on it.

My hypothesis; I had just scrubbed the vehicle down with Dawn in preparation for some heavy Zaino action and so I probably had a good deal of the wax off. Later in the day I was unable to see it.

What to do...

A) Get really upset and start the dickering with Honda.
B) Get over it and say that its not that big of a deal, even though I forked over 30K for this thing.
C) Get over it; but let Honda know my displeasure and get on with my life.

I think C is the only way I can go and keep my sanity. Am I happy about this? NO. Am I willing to get an ulcer trying to Honda to do right by me? NO. Am I sucker who is just taking what I've been fed? NO.

I made this decision about 30 minutes after discovering the problem and I've moved on. My life is great and if this is my biggest complaint, I can suck it up and consider it a lesson learned. I'm not saying this is the decsion others should make; I'm just letting you know what I decided. If Honda happens to do a recall of all SS paintjobs or offers me a new van when I register my complain, fine. I'm just not holding my breath.
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-Just another experience to add to the list:

I picked up my SS '01 EX a month ago and also found that the paint on my hood is less than stellar. Like so many others, I gave the van a really thorough inspection (or so I thought) at the lot in full sunlight and didn't notice a thing. It wasn't until I had it in my garage under floruescent lights that I noticed the "blotchy" paint job (the reflectivity of the silver is uneven - darker in some spots than others). I plan to lodge a formal complaint with Honda, but will probably not pursue it any further than that, since it's only noticeable under certain conditions and at certain angles. What I'm worried about is how the paint will age over the long term. I read one posting that said an "uneven" paint job will only get worse over time, because it will absorb sunlight at different rates and therefore exaggerate the "unevenness". Anyone else worried?

BTW- I saw a brand new silver Acura MDX the other day with a really bad paint job on the hood - I noticed it about 50 feet away in the afternoon sun. I believe the MDX is made in the same Ontario plant as the Ody, so there must be something screwy with their silver painting process overall.

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