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Hi everyone,

Well, we don't own an Ody yet but once union negotiations are settled with both my wife and I we'll be taking the plunge. We test drove one today and have our hearts set on a 2012 EX in the metallic white. We'll probably lease as I've had good experiences in the past (though not with Honda) and it keeps the monthly payment reasonable. We average about 20k kms / year so with the 24k lease we figure we should be good. We have a 3 year old and hopefully a new one on the way (still VERY early) plus whenever we travel we bring the mother-in-law (I got a package deal :) ) Our current vehicle - a Hyundai Tucson has been an excellent vehicle for us but travelling when our 3 year old was still in a stroller plus pack and play, etc. was REALLY tight. Would be impossible with 2 kiddies. We both swore we'd never buy a minivan but after our test drive today I'm sold that it really is the most practical/logical choice for any family. Options are endless and you still have excellent cargo space! Anyway check out my post in the "Canada" section - hoping you guys can help me out with some dealer recommendations and if any of you have leased your Ody's and what you paid.

Looking forward to being losing my minivan virginity! (ok not really - but hey - maybe we could start a show!?)

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