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Well, the same as many are having.
Driver side door won't close all the way and then reopens on my 2002 Odyssey EX. Tried the fuse #13 trick. Pulled the fuse, then opened the door manually with the dash switch off. Replaced the fuse and held the dash close button until the door closed all the way. Still didn't work. Tried the same with the door fuses with same result.

Cleaned and lubed the tracks, took off the outside panel and inspected the cable, and cleaned the connections with alcohol. Nothing works so far.

The one thing I did discover is that if I use the dash control to stop the door midway and then try to close it it works fine! Stopping the door when it's either opening or closing, somewhere in the middle of the track, and then closing it will allow it to close properly. If I allow the door to open all the way it will not close and pops right back open again.

I don't know if this is significant but someone in the know may recognize the problem. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the latch under the bottom rail possibly??

Any help appreciated.

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I have found, after one replacement (and 3 more impending replacements) that this is a sign of a worn and out-of-round center roller that will soon need to be re-newed.

The big thread on this:

Center Roller Help

My 2003's right side door (passenger side) gets the most use, and now it is starting do some of the same things that you describe. My 2002's passenger side slider did the same thing before one of the synthetic (nylon?) rollers broke.

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