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Okay, with all the run around from Eibach and H&R I decided to check into alternatives. I did locate a set made by Tein but the drop was only about an inch. I decided to use one of my contacts at Intrax Suspension and he told me I could have a custom run done for lowering springs for the Odyssey. They just did a set for the Mazda MPV for Sparco and Modern Image. We could specify what drop we want (I am looking at a 2" myself) and they would custom build them for us. I need at least ten people interested in this to make it happen. I have volunteered to send the stock springs to them for the prototype (unless anyone has stock rpings laying around!). We would have to decide what drop we wanted as they would all be made the same once the prototype was done. It takes about 4-6 weeks to complete the order. The normal price for Intrax springs is less than $200 but ours might be a little higher as they would be custom. Is anyone interested?? David
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