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Anyone experiencing slight starter malfunction ?

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Hi folks :

I have a '00 EX and sometimes when I turn the ignition key, I just get a slight hiss ... the car doesn't start. If I immediately turn it off and restart it, everything seems to be okay. Anybody seen this ?
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Sounds like the recalled ignition switch. Might wanna smell the area of the switch to see if there's a burnt aroma.
An automatic transmissioned vehicle still has a flywheel, but it is not designed to have a clutch plate press against it. It is probably a good bit lighter than a manual's flywheel since it has the torque converter's moment of inertia to rely on.

It may be nothing more than a thin aluminum ring with teeth the starter can turn.

Actually, from the service manual, the ring gear the starter motor engages is actually mounted(or part of) to the outide of the torque converter, and there is a rather flimsy looking 'drive plate' connected to the crankshaft that the torque converter is pushed up against. No doubt there is some sort of pinned interlock between them, since it would be a little dicey moving 240 horsepower through something which you can't press hard against(like the flimsy drive plate.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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