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Anyone experiencing slight starter malfunction ?

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Hi folks :

I have a '00 EX and sometimes when I turn the ignition key, I just get a slight hiss ... the car doesn't start. If I immediately turn it off and restart it, everything seems to be okay. Anybody seen this ?
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Re: starter malfunction

demond wilson said:
The same thing happened to me! The ody started and I didn't notice because it is so smooth. I tried to start it while it was running and it made a hissing noise, like our fellow member described. It occured to me that the hissing noise was my starter pinion gear trying to remove the teeth on my flywheel!
Not to be nit-picky desmond, but our odys don't have a flywheel.. those are only for manual transmissions--if it was a typo, I apologize.. i just don't want any of the Odyclub members to talk to their mechanic about their imaginary 'flywheel' ;). We have a torque converter.

So what IS that grinding sound we hear when we try to re-start a running engine? The TC? I really don't understand the mechanics of starting an engine and what exactly is involved--can anyone fill me in on this one? All i can figure from guessing is-- turn to II position=battery runs most accessories, turn key to III position and it sends a surge to the ignition, sending a signal to the fuel pumps and spark plugs. :confused:

You guys with the starting problem, go to the honda owner's link and type in your VIN after registering. It should tell you if your vehicle is part of the ignition recall.. if it is, you should be getting a letter from honda within the next 3 months. Or if its a really bad problem, just call up your local dealer and see if they have any replacement ignitions in yet.

"May 2002
Recall Campaign: Ignition Switch
Dear Honda Owner:

Your car is affected by the ignition switch recall that was recently announced.

Electrical contacts within the ignition switch can wear prematurely, which can eventually cause the engine to stall without warning. When a stall does occur, the engine can normally be restarted immediately. An affected vehicle typically experiences difficulty in starting for a period of time before experiencing any engine stall. Most customers will not experience any problems prior to the repair--less than 3/10ths of one percent of affected vehicles have experienced switch failure. There have been no reports of accidents or injuries related to this issue.

It will take several months to manufacture replacement parts for the 1.3 million vehicles involved. As soon as parts are available for your car, you will receive a letter explaining how to have your car repaired. The customer mailing will take place between June and September 2002.

If you are currently having difficulty starting the engine in your car (e.g., hard-to-start, stalls immediately after starting, etc.), your ignition switch may be worn out. You should contact your dealer immediately.

If you have any questions about this recall, you may contact your Honda dealer.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Honda Automobile Division"

"The recall involves about 1.3 million of certain 1997 to 2000 models of the Honda Accord, Civic, Prelude, CR-V and Odyssey. Also included in the recall are some 1999 Acura TL sedans and certain 1997 to 1999 CL coupes"
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Well if that is the case, then I apologize for attempting to correct you desmond and making a big fool out of myself. :stupid:

From reading a lot of things in the past, the manual transmission had a flywheel and the automatic transmission had a torque converter. <shrug> But I'm no mechanic so I won't argue. Thanks for correcting me.
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