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I'd like to install remote entry for LX myself and need help to located 2 (3?)wires that close/open door.
I do not want to remove door panel; I think it can be accessible from fusebox or driver side.
If you have done before or have manual, please let me know color code of wires.
By making contact of two wire, power lock should be engaged.
Or it could be 3 wire system.
Since I 2002 ODY already have an engine immobilizer, I don't need an wailing alarm.

Thanks in advance

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I assume you mean door lock/unlock, not power door open/close...

Lock: black/white 6 pin connector under driver's dash

Unlock: green/red, same 6 pin conn

both negative trigger (meaning tie to ground to trigger lock or unlock.

Take a look at this... should be same for '02 Ody, but not 100% sure..

Good Luck!

-Shin John
'01 DEP EX, and I'm workin' on it! (slowly)
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