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Hi there!
Is there anyone out there from Germany reading this forum? We are driving a 99 Ody EX. Since we own it (2003) it had a grave tranny damage (2005) and a quite considerable front accident (2011). But so far the car is in good shape (let's say, it is OK) and in the moment without mechanical problems (currently 245.000km = 152k mls). Only small things need to be observed (groan from rear brake, exhaust system is almost at its end).
Odysseys are not common here in Germany at all. Over the years we met one family who owns one, we saw a hand ful at the Autobahn. But that's it. We feel a bit lonely :rollingeyes:
Would be nice to hear from other Ody owners over here...
Volker (from area of Düsseldorf, Germany)
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