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Anyone Remove a StarGard Security System?

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I bought a used 2000 Odyssey and it came with a StarGard security system. The seller told me the dealer installed it. It requires that you insert a small, flat plastic key into a slot and press it down before you start the car. A real pain in the @#$!. I want to remove it. Has anyone done this? Any tips?
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Don't worry it's just a basic starter kill system, not really even an alarm. If you pull the lower dash off you'll see all the wiring going toward the key cylinder, one for power, two that have been cut in-line on the starter wire, and one going to metal for ground. Disconnect the power line, it's most likely just put on with a wire tap, cut the two lines for the starter and hook them back to each other, and un-screw the ground wire. At this point you can un-screw the two screws holding the card slot to the dash and throw the whole thing in the trash.
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