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Anyone use the Odyssey for transporting a person in a wheelchair?

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I am buying the Odyssey in lieu of a handicapped equiped minivan for transporting someone in a wheelchair. The specialized vans are way too expensive and the Ody has the most interior room of the minivans. I plan to be able to transfer the person from the wheelchair to one of the second row seats. Has anyone used the van for such a purpose and what has been your exerience? I'm now exploring the different varieties of van ramps available. Thanks.
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You should be able to find lots of different lifts that can be installed on most any type of minivan, also - those would probably be preferable to a ramp. (Easier to load the person, plus wouldn't need as much room as a ramp.) I don't know any of the manufacturers of such lifts right off hand, but check the various search engines - I bet some of them have web sites. Best of luck -

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Rather than transfer him from the wheel chair to a middle row seat, the usual course is to anchor the wheel chair into that second row with the seats taken out. A lot less work in the long run! The trick is to have a way to secure the wheel chair.

Initially, I think the person may be able to transfer to a second row seat but later on, may need to stay in the wheel chair. Usually, what one does is to have wheel chair locks installed in the floor of the van, or some other secure device in which the chair can be tied down to. The nice thing about the odyssey (I don't have mine yet) is I think the bars on the floor to which the second row seats attach, might be a suitable anchor to secure the wheelchair to. Thanks and keep the suggestions coming in! I don't know why the Ody can't be used instead of those $40K plus conversion vans (usually Caravan or Winstar). JB
Sure, the Odyssey could be used! It is just a matter of installing the right lift. My brother has a lift on his Caravan so one that size should work on any minivan.

Does he have a handicapped equipped caravan (with a dropped floor) or is it a stock van that has had a lift added? Thanks!
Hmmm... I'll check it out. Last time I rode in it I didn't notice any dropped floor so I suspect it is stock with an added lift.

Hi. This thread was started along time ago. I just want to know if you were able to install a ramp/lift/restraint for the wheel chair. I've been searching for anyone who has done it on a Honda Odyssey.
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Okay, reviving a really old thread (again) :). Has anyone done a conversion, or know of anyone who has?
Bump! Anyone? Specifically, done a conversion on one?
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