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The prices look similar to, with a little bit cheaper shipping, about a $1.50 to my zip code.

Tires-easy doesn't have the surveys and customer data that TireRack has, so I don't know how I would function without knowing what "Jim from Portland" thought about wet handling of his Michelins.

I have only recently purchased two different tires: a Kuhmo Solus and Hankook Mileage Plus, and I've gone through several sets. I always take the wheels off myself, take them down with the tires, get tires mounted and bring them back to mount the wheels myself. I check the brakes and eyeball the suspension at the same time.

Everyone I tell this to makes fun of me for this. But lots of them have a story about over torqued lug nuts. Doing it this way does give some measure of control, but doesn't save much $$$.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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