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I've read a number of the threads on hitches and am curious if anyone has tried this one. I'm just wondering if there are other hitch options that may make things a bit more hidden and I don't want to bust my shins on the honda hitch.

Reese says one of its class 2 insta-hitch models, displayed below, can be installed on the '02. I will buy the tranny and steering coolers separately if I can get a more hidden anti-shin hitch.

They've got a bunch of frames and stuff, all I can provide is the root page,



Here are the results for your 2002 HONDA Odyssey
Product Description: Insta-Hitch Class: Class II

Part Number: 06028 Footnotes:

Tongue Wt.
Trailer Wt.

Wt. Carrying
350 lbs.
3500 lbs.

Product Description: Tee-Connectors Class: Electrical

Part Number: 74660 Footnotes: T
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