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I am new here so forgive me if I go over old ground.
I stumbled onto this site and forum after I went online to try to find info about this noise I have in my 2000 Odyssey EX.
Don't get me wrong. We love the van, having put on 33K miles in a year and a half. This is our fourth Honda (five if you count my Acura).
Anyway, I only drive it on weekends (my wife usually does during the week) I have complained since the first month we got it to both her, the dealer, and Honda that it sounds like a Mercedes diesel between 40 and 50 mph when I hit the gas.
Now, having read some threads here, I am glad to know I am not nuts.

Anyway, the most I ever got from Honda or the dealer was that they were aware of similar complaints and were looking into it.

So, beyond that, is anything new. Is there some fix I can tell the dealer about?

Thanks for your patience.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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