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Hey, Folks.

I have a small dilemma and looking for a little advice. When I did the brake fluid replacement on my 2004 EX-RES (108,000 miles) two years ago, I bought two bottles more fluid than I needed. I brain farted and forgot to return the extra fluid. Those two bottles have been sitting in my uninsulated, non-temperature controlled garage that entire time. I also have 3 quarts of Honda trans fluid sitting in there too from when I did the trans flush on my wife's 2005 CR-V EX. Clearly, I have a problem with buying too much fluid and forgetting about it. Is any of that fluid still safe to use? The van is due for a tranny flush and I figured I would do the brake bleed when I put on the new pads next week.

Considering that fluids sit in cars for years at a time and perform their intended functions, I would think the fluids would still be good to use. Any advice is appreciated or refer me to a previous posting would be great. I searched a few dozen threads looking for this topic and came up empty.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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