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As a salesperson, What can I do to make the experience more pleasant?

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I'm a salesperson at Beaverton Honda here in Oregon. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make purchasing an Odyssey a more pleasant experience. I'd also like to know what you didn't like, or just downright annoyed you, so I can try to avoid those things. Just so everyone knows upfront. I do not have any control over the price. (I know that can be one of the biggest annoyances.

Thanks in advance,
Ken Nix Beaverton Honda
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by dMax:
This is big! My salesman called me 3 days after the sale to make sure everything was OK and to see if we had any questions. The sales manager called after one week to make certain I was satisfied with the car and with his salesman. Somebody (probably an assistant) from the dealership called one month later to make certain I had received follow-up that made me feel comfortable that I was being "looked after".

The salesman told me if I ever needed a last-minute service appointment when none was available that I should call him and he would try to pull a string. It doesn't matter if I never need him to or even if he can't get it done - it's an example of him offering a little service that I appreciate considering I bought a car that he really did nothing to "sell".

A last, specific piece of advice would be to hang out on this forum for awhile. The people here know more than any salesman I've ever encountered. Thanks to my sucking up the collective wisdom presented here I know that I can go "toe-to-toe" with many salespeople.

Good luck-

"Toe to Toe"?? This isn't supposed to be a boxing match folks. The salesman doesn't win if You don't buy a car. You don't win if you don't get the car You want and we won't even get into the dealers motives to make this work. The problem with buying a car is everyone seems to think that a profit of $300 on a car that costs invoice $20,000 is a reasonable offer. thats 1.5 % profit. Has anyone actually looked at the profits made on groceries, clothing, drugs, Doctors or lawyers offices, appliances? But we don"even think to negotiate those. and remember I am talking about profit margins if no one had to be paid out of that money. As I have said before, the Car industry is its own worse enemy. Sell them at MSRP, and thats it. then we would have nothing to complain about.
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