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As a salesperson, What can I do to make the experience more pleasant?

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I'm a salesperson at Beaverton Honda here in Oregon. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make purchasing an Odyssey a more pleasant experience. I'd also like to know what you didn't like, or just downright annoyed you, so I can try to avoid those things. Just so everyone knows upfront. I do not have any control over the price. (I know that can be one of the biggest annoyances.

Thanks in advance,
Ken Nix Beaverton Honda
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Having just gone through the purchasing experience, I find the above suggestions right on. I would add that bashing all the competitors product does not make the product you are trying to sell look better, it just raises doubts. Most of us do shop around, and will find things on other vehicles that are better, or at least more suitable for our needs. The Toyota salesperson I talked to was honest to the point of helping me choose the Odyssey, by pointing out that the smaller size of the Sienna's cargo area would likely cause us grief in our travels down the road. While he lost that sale, I will absolutely visit him the next time around, because he wasn't trying to sell me something I won't be happy with.
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