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As a salesperson, What can I do to make the experience more pleasant?

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I'm a salesperson at Beaverton Honda here in Oregon. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make purchasing an Odyssey a more pleasant experience. I'd also like to know what you didn't like, or just downright annoyed you, so I can try to avoid those things. Just so everyone knows upfront. I do not have any control over the price. (I know that can be one of the biggest annoyances.

Thanks in advance,
Ken Nix Beaverton Honda
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1. ask me what i am looking for in a vechicle...
leather.. trip computer... engine size... ... you see in a woman and all you ask me is what color...:confused: :mad:
i know as much as the man next to me. which is my husband. dont ask him the technical questions. ask me. you see ill be driving the vehicle more if it is the van.

2. please please spare me the theatrics of you have to make money too and you are taking a big cut... i know where you are getting your commision from and the hidden fees you slap on.. just because you need to "go in the back to talk to your manager about that price" just doesnt cut it anymore. i walk in i have a price for you. YOU take it or Leave it. you see i have to make a living too...
3. dont bait and switch.
4. dont lie... i have children i can tell when people are lying...
5. know your vehicle(s) that you are selling. one salesman didnt know where the oil dipstick was under the engine. so in other words STUDY!
6. show your customer how to save money. yup! even if it means loosing some yourself. why?? well if youi help me save money on items ill remember your face and name. trust me i will sing your praises at every pta meeting.. doctors office... and family and friend... i will send you business!
7. reward loyalty. nuf said...
8. take some classes from disney world. they know how to make you feel great and keep you coming back to spend your money!!!!

slide a free carwash coupon in the glove box for a pleasant suprise with your name and card on it! or GASP an extra programmable keyfob...

i have sent many people to the same dealership as the one i have used and i have sent them to the same salesman.

scratch my back and i scratch yours...
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