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As a salesperson, What can I do to make the experience more pleasant?

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I'm a salesperson at Beaverton Honda here in Oregon. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make purchasing an Odyssey a more pleasant experience. I'd also like to know what you didn't like, or just downright annoyed you, so I can try to avoid those things. Just so everyone knows upfront. I do not have any control over the price. (I know that can be one of the biggest annoyances.

Thanks in advance,
Ken Nix Beaverton Honda
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Our dealer experience was fine, overall. The only "turn-off" was when we came to pick up our new Ody. It was a holiday (Yom Kippur) and a lot of the salesmen were off. The salesman assigned to my delivery was very busy and couldn't apply himself to my questions. (didn't know how to work the alarm, didn't show me the service department, didn't have copies of the documents and disappeared for 10 minutes "looking" for them, etc.) It was the first '02 he had seen and was spending more time checking it out than explaining it.

So, I would suggest, if you have a customer comint to pick up an auto, block out enough time and devote to that person exclusively.

(pardon me for being presumptious - you may do this already)

Thanks for asking!

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