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big_mosquito said:

I have to comment on the surveys and how the expectation of 5 (out of 5) ratings seem out of sync. In my mind a 4 would be pretty darn good and a 5 would be extremely outstanding and warranted only when the salesman does something unexpected and out of the ordinary.

Maybe I am unconsiously (and incorrectly) equating the rating scale of 1 to 5 to a grading scale of F to A where a B (4) is above average. But I wonder how many other buyers shy away from giving 5's to good sales people.
Of course, and honda says they can't tell you this. The salesman is in a catch 22. These numbers are how others judge honda. So a salesperson with under district average is subpar. How many bad surveys does it take to fail you? ONE. The average salesman gets approx. 5 surveys a month. It takes many 100s to make up for a 35% because the customer didn't like the finance guy or the closer or the salesman was bit by the buyers dog so something must be wrong. There are alot of good people in this world, and there are alot of evil, mean, vengeful people ready to take it out on the salesperson at hand, not the one who "SWATTED" them on their last car.
It's not the buyers fault, it's the Honda dealer's. American Honda is trying to make it better for you, but short of buying out the dealer, it is nearly impossible. I've never enjoyed buying a car even when I was selling it to myself. :duh: You have to hurry up and wait, and be tortured by finance (yea, they even changed the numbers on me, even though I worked there). It's nuts. The salesman gets the bad end of the deal even if the finance guy is the one who made the experience bad.
Here's Some Examples, These are true accounts......

  • Finance Manager tells customer, may god not bless their unborn baby :no:
  • Finance manager told customer he was a "f"ing idiot for not buying a warranty :dunno:
  • Finance manager preassured customer so much that customer left office and I had to finish paperwork :rant:
  • Finance manager told customer, I shot people who looked like you when I was in vietnam :eek:

This may seem crazy, but these are true comments that came from finance managers. Did they fire the finance manager? NO! He has great penetration. (good at making you buy everything) and he has a 94% survey average. Of course comments like these, warrants management to change the phone number on the RDR so Honda isn't able to contact the customer. I've seen these changed to salesman and managers home numbers and have even got survey calls about other salesmen at my home when they changed the numbers. The dealers are more interested in the bottom line than you. Salesman makes huge grosses, they make sure they don't get the worst surveys, they may even RDR it in another salespersons name that is "marked" to be terminated, Good salesman, fair profit but doesn't make the company alot of money? They will get joe blow to replace him.
Ever had a salesman ask you if you are going to buy today in the first 10 minutes of meeting him? Doesn't care about you.....just your money, and if you said no, probably "broomed" you within the next ten.

Wait..... did I just hear someone ask how does the finance manager get a 94% when they are saying and doing things like that?
Perception. A customer's perception is their reality.
1. His average surveys per month are approx 50, the average person gives the finance guy a 100 no matter how they treat them, it takes 10 really bad surveys to bring him down below 90% per every 100 surveys. The average customer believes its the salespersons fault somehow, someway. He picked the one lemon out of 40 silver odysseys and made me buy it, He had me deal with that finance manager.
2. Your perception is that the "finance guy" is helping you get the car you want. You've already dealt with the "bad guy" salesman and made your deal with a payment of $450 per month. The finance guy just told you not only is he gonna reduce that to $425 but he is gonna "give you an extra warranty, theft guard, paint and cloth sealant and AH and Credit Life and your payments will still be $425. How is this possible. he must be magic.
Nope! He had "LEG" a packed payment, even if he didn't, the perception is that the main negotiation is over. That is why a salesman can negotiate for hours to end up at a $200 payment only to find that the customer bumped to $375 and they made $5500 more on the back end.
Final Thought ***whew****
Honda really tries to get to the truth, but the dealers are just too good at covering it up. The real good guy sales professional is replaced with newbie who knows NOTHING, including how he and the customer are being cheated.

Ps. if your salesperson tries to help you by telling you something to help you, like a car is on ad....... DON'T THROW HIM UNDER THE BUS AND TELL HIS MANAGER "No, we didn't see the car in the paper, our salesman said it was on ad". Because when you leave so might the salesman.
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