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ATF magnetic drain plug more "stuff" than normal. Opinions Please.

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I would really appreciate your opinions on this. I have a 2003 Honda Odyssey which many know have a weak auto trans notorious for high failure rate.

I have been running Amsoil Uni Synthetic ATF for some time coupled with a Magnefine In-line tranny filter. This combo I believe has allowed me to get so far 178,000 miles on the original tranny which is not the norm for these transmissions. The other day I did a ATF drain/fill and noticed more "stuff" on the drain bolt magnetic plug than fact normally I do not see anything on it. This time I did see more than normal which is alarming to me.

1) Question: How did this get by the Magnefine?
2) Question: Is this a sign that the Magnefine needs to be changed? It has only been in the vehicle for 10,000 miles.
3) Question: If I have a Magnefine installed is it even worth changing the OEM ATF filter? I have not changed it yet because of the oil jet recall making it more complicated to do so.

I know I am on borrowed time so perhaps this is the beginning of the end of my original tranny.

Thank you for your help.
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All of your clutch packs receive a flow of pressurized ATF to keep them immersed and remove heat and the smallest debris (that stuff that looks like moly), and it dumps straight into the sump, which is where the magnetic plug resides.

Your Magnefine is probably still working just fine.

The ATF pump inlet is directly downstream from the in-sump strainer. Fluid is sent to all the hydraulic power circuits, some through the OEM cartridge filter, and the rest goes through the external cooling circuit (which has a Magnefine filter...both yours and my 2002 & 2003 Odys).

Yes, normal ops.

Jim, seeing as I own two Gen 2 Odys, it's stories like this that make me want to buy a core auto trans from a wrecked Ody, rebuild it, and keep it handy for the day that one of mine inevitably 5h1ts the bed.

Thanks for the update, and sorry about it going south.

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