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ATT Wifi on while engine is off?

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I work in my van (2018 Odyssey Elite), and would like to be able to park and use my laptop for a couple of hours at a time with the in-car wifi. Have not found a way to do this with the engine off, and it seems like a waste to keep the engine on. Has anyone figured out a way to keep the wifi connection active with the engine off?
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Yes you can turn on Accessory mode - I do it all the time - how long it will last before asking you to start the engine depends on temperature, etc., but in most cases will not even last more than half an hour let alone a couple of hours. If my recollection is right, the longest I was able to let it run while my kids watched YouTube in the back was about 45 minutes. You can certainly start the engine when prompted, let it charge the battery for a while and then stop the engine and go through the cycle again. But I find it easier to just use my phone as the hotspot, on my phone plan there is a 10GB/month limit on tethering but good enough for me for work purpose.
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