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i've been thinkin about what kind of ride im gonna get and i had it down to three... the Acura TL,Odyssey, and a 01 Pathfinder LE(to replace our current one)...

i want the TL cuz our family does not have a single car, only suv's and trucks, and vans... the pathfinder is because i've grown to love it...

but after seeing your OD with the Navi... oooooh, you've given this 16yr old a tingly feeling inside... so now i want either a 99-01 EX or 02 EX-L... BUT i want to have that clean console that you have too (assuming you had an EX w/o the Navi to begin with). so i was wondering how your whole video/navi system works and all that, and how much and where were you able to get the OEM screen? i wanna be able to watch movies and play games at the same time, having the Navi function would be good but not neccessary.

anyways, i just wanted to get somethings cleared up before i buy one... btw, how many screens can i install with a system like that? im hoping to gradually build it up to 4 other screens, one for each headrest...

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Well, I suggest just getting an Ody with NAVI already built in rather than converting. Then just follow Steve's VideoNAVI instructions on how to make the NAVI screen accept video signals:

Also, Steve currently has 3 monitors setup (each with it's own source). He uses a Pioneer A/V switcher to handle all the inputs/outputs. Read more here:

I think Steve's currently on a road trip so maybe when he comes back he can give you more details about his setup. Also, you could do the same exact things in TL as well.




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