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Ive been learning from you guys for a while but this will be my first post.

This past summer on a 100 degree day I went to pass on interstate and got traction control light, and check engine light. I Didnt notice any running issues with the transmission except maybee a slight stumble on slowdown like the TC staying locked too long. I drove it trouble free for three days then took it to dealer. They took the code (dont remember the number) which was a trouble code that indicated to them we would soon need a new transmission. The transmission fluid has looked bad since I first owned it, and I fell into the dont change it if its dark crowd, so I have known something was fishy all along. It also whines quite a bit when driving at speed, which has progressively gotten worse since about 120k. The Drive light flashed a few days after we got it back from the dealer but thats been about 3 months ago now. Still running fine now, no lights, no missing gears etc. Ive called a couple dealers around here and had figures from 4100k to 5600 which the first dealer quoted.

Long story short the car is still running fine, but I am torn between doing a pre-emptive rebuild / replace and having a local shop rebuild it or run it till it dies (which seems like is gonna be quick to me). We go on regional trips some with the car and dont want to be left stranded.

Anybody got a local shop they trust? I dont want to drop a couple grand on a hack job that cant be counted on, but also dont want to drop 4-6k on a car that is worth roughly that. It seems to make more sense to me to spend 2000-2800 for a car like this. Ive had a company out of Waco who has done work on trucks for me before give me a quote and I think they would be good but would prefer someone in this area.

Input greatly appreciated.

2003 Odyssey v6 160k miles

Thanks guys!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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