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Well, I thought getting one code reader was cool, I was offered to review another one recently, so here goes nothing:

Autel AL319 code reader, here is an amazon link for product:

I was recently given an opportunity to review this product. I already have multiple scanners, so I have a good general sense what to expect from such products. One of my earlier scanners is Actron that 9180, that was about the size of larger TI graphic calculator. Its amazing how much smaller Autel AL319 is. The device worked admirably for what it is meant to do, aka scan car and read the cause of Check engine light. It is also able to erase the codes, and check the car for pending codes.

So lets look at it, at first look device is super simple. You only have 3 buttons, 2 of which are used for navigation through options. This brings up my first con comment in regards to User Interface (loose half a star). Without reading the manual, I was able to connect this to the car and read the code, but I was confused on how to navigate the device. Turns out, you have to use scroll button to find a menu option that lets you to return to previous menu. Since one of the buttons is labeled "ENTER/Exit" I was trying to press or press and hold "exit" button to EXIT the menu, but obviously it did not work. This is a minor inconvenience, and more of a learning curve issue. Once you learn to navigate the device, you wont have this issue. My previous devices had a dedicated exit button, so I call it more of learning experience.
My second con (loose another half star) comment is in regards to the length of the cable. The cable is not detachable and is only 2 feet long. It becomes immediately obvious that this may prove to be a bigger issue. I am used to much longer cables. Some examples of where a longer cable would be useful is: when I work on the car, I put the device so that it hangs out of the driver window while on the lift. Another example is when you want to drive the car and observe the live data, the cable may not reach where I would be comfortable looking at the display, or hand it to my assistant on the passenger seat to observe the data. If you just need to scan the car while its parked, this is not an issue.
In extensively using the device, those are the only two issues that I noted. The rest of the device shines and more than makes up for the cons.

Here are the list of things that I liked:
1. The device boots up super fast
2. Device has a bright color screen
3. Device has a dedicated emission readiness button, so if you want to know if your car will pass emissions, just press the I/M button and look for Green Check light to turn on. If yellow light comes on, some of the monitors are not yet in passed state and you need to drive your car little longer to pass emissions. If Red light comes on, then you have an issue that requires fixing.
4. Device is able to not just read generic OBD2 codes, but it also detects some manufacturer specific OBD2 codes. If such code is detected,
the device will warn you that manufacturer specific code was detected and will ask you to identify the vehicle make/model. Note that it still only capable of reading the basic Engine codes, and not Transmission/ABS/Airbag or other modules. Since the later is not part of the advertised functionality its not an issue with the device.
5. Device is able to read live OBD2 data. This lets you observe vital engine parameters, such as coolant temp, o2 info, and others which will help you in troubleshooting the vehicle above and beyond just simple part swapping based on the "error code". However, I was pleasantly surprised, that unlike other devices that I tested, the live data screens have great refresh rate and scroll fast. So the inclusion of this functionality is not only superficial, but actually really useful.
6. Overall navigation through the menus is fast and device is very responsive.
7. I have used this reader on multitude of car makes and models (Honda, Toyota, Subaru, VW, Nissan, etc) and did not have a single issue with reading the codes, so I expect as long as your car has an OBD2 compatible port you will be able to use it.

In summary, I just found my new favorite portable code reader to carry in the car at all times.

This is another device that would work perfectly for fine tunning Max Muzzler, because its able to display coolant temperature.
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