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Auto A/C temp control - cold air - Floor position

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Our 2002 Ody with auto air blows cold air through the dash vents (when we want heat) before the engine warms up. The dealer told us Honda never put in a cold air shut off on the Hondas like GM/Ford and most other cars.

To try and get around this (and cold air blowing thru the dash vents even when the engine is heated up) I put the mode control into floor thinking now only the air would blow out the floor vents. I found in the Floor position air still comes out of the dash vents by each window. Only the air from the middle vents are stopped in floor position. This doesn't seem right to me either. Does everyones 2002 Ody work the same way?
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Yes. Read the owner's manual.

Air *always* flows out of the corner dash vents, unless you roll the knob to turn them off.

For what it's worth, I don't think mine always blows initial cold air out the dash vents (the center ones) at startup. It's been getting cold here, and at a cold start the fan is very low and the center dash vents aren't doing anything. Once the engine warms up the fan blows harder and I feel heat, but not directly on me. It's being directed to the floor.

I wonder if the initial cold air at low fan speeds is blowing out the same place the climate control last used. In my case, that would be the floor.
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