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automatic door issue

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I have a 2007 odyssey ex and am having issues with passenger side auto-door. When the handle is engaged from either the inside or outside there is a "popping sound" and then the door proceeds to open. Sometimes there is a little revving of the door motor. We have used a lubricant spray on the runner and latch areas with no luck. Is this a cable issue? Has anyone had this problem?:huh:
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I have the same car and very similar problem. Mine is what sounds like a revving of the door motor followed by a big jerk (as if it had been stuck) and then the door seems to open/close fine. I haven't noticed any significant popping sound. This doesn't happen on mine every time, probably 40-50% of the time.

In searching for answers i ran across this youtube video that did have a popping sound that seems like what you are describing. YouTube - 2006 Odyssey Sliding Door Problem

I'm still searching for answers, and hope more advice comes through this thread. Good luck!
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