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I'm a new guy to the van world, automatic doors, climate control, hide away seats, it's all new to me.

On our 05 EX-L I can't get the drivers side auto door to close when the front end of the car is pointed down hill even just a couple degrees there have even been times where I was pretty close to level and she won't go.
The door will close about 1/3 to half way then it seems like the door goes too fast which triggers the "OH $H*T ABORT ABORT!" safety feature that the van has which I appreciate.
I can get the door to close if I put my hand on the side and guide it in. Eliminating the time savings and convenience of automatic doors.
Obviously something is wrong because the passenger door works fine, I want to take the time to get in there and look first but after a empty search I thought that I would see if anyone knows what this could be.

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