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(Sorry, no pictures) but goto: for manuals, schematics and forum

I have AutoPC from previous van installed in ODYSSEY. You can obtain autopc from ebay for $330 nowadays. I paid $2000 when it was new 2 yrs ago. The navigation system on it is pretty decent. It gives voice prompts and also you can talk to it. The name of the navigation program is, guess what, "Odyssey".
So when I activate it, it says, "Odyssey".
So appropriate.
This is the only navigation system I know that actually reads the name of the street to you. E.g. Odyssey says, "In 0.8 miles make a right to on Main Street".
I have the stock radio line-converted through an FM-modulator to the AutoPC. The Autopc drives the stock speaker. This way I can use the in-dash CD and also the oem cd-changer, while the autopc has the map disk in it's cd drive. Everything works quite well, I just need to rewire the antenna so that I can still listen to radio using the stock radio through the FM-modulator to the AUTO-PC.
BTW. AUTOPC is a windows CE computer, you can get programs for it. AUTOPC is from clarion and has since been superceeded by Clarion joyride which is far better but costs $2500. I saw the pre-production model of joyride, DVD navigation. Can play DVD while navigating. Multiple monitors, etc,,,
But, I still have my autopc and still love it. The nav is not as fast as the new ones on the market but it works quite well. I can drive at 60-70 mph on freeways and it still will guide me fine. On surface streets one needs to slow-down as you may be faster than the response time of the system.
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