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I see a lot members have the same question I had a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to add a way to hook up my iPod into the ody and listen to my tunes. I've seen/read several ways to do it, but I wanted a more factory look.

I wanted the iSimple ISHD571 kit, but won't work with NAV correctly :rollingeyes:. After a long road, I found a pretty slick way on the cheap with some common Radio Shack components.

This method uses the A/V inputs in the rear of the van and will be controlled by the iPod itself. Can still use steering wheel controls.

Using this website as a guide, I was able to get this installed in a couple of hours. Dr Jason website

I used most of the components he has listed, but swapped a few to custom fit the Ody application.

I used the radio shack part numbers below:

2740249 3.5mm (1/8") 3 leg Stereo Jack

4202562 20ft 3.5mm (1/8") stereo extension cable

4200494 3ft RCA to 3.5mm (1/8") male

420436 3ft 3.5mm (1/8") patch cable

6402802 Soldering kit with solder (IF you don't have one)

1. Cut the male end off of the 20ft 4202562 cable.
2. Strip the wires (red, black, and ground)
3. Solder to the 2740249 aux jack legs just like the drjason website.
4. Mount the 2740249 aux jack by drilling a 15/64" hole in the front of the Ody in desired location. I mounted mine in the space next to my Power Outlets under the flipdown cover (like you would see in the '08 & ups).
Vehicle Car

5. Route the 20ft 4202562 cable to the drivers side, down thru the fuse box cavity, and to the back of the van under the plastic trim step panels until you reach the area next to the folding rear seat.
6. Fold back the seat and remove the spare tire cover and spare tire.
7. Follow 05exlonwer procedure for routing the 4200494 cable up into the A/V cubby.
8. Hookup the RCA jacks to the red/white inputs and plug into the 4202562 cable on the other end.
9. Plug in the 420436 patch cable to the new AUX jack up front and into your iPod/mp3 player.
10. Turn on the van and press AUX button on radio. Pick your song on the iPod. You will have to turn the volume to double what you normally listen at due to the A/V input use.

So for about $40 and a couple of hours, you can have a factory look to your AUX hookup for your iPod/mp3 player. Not a bad sound quality for what it is.

Hope this helps someone looking for the same thing I was.

Thanks to Dr Jason & 05exlowner for doing most of the legwork. ;)
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