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Hi guys;

i am an egyptian doctor working in emirates and owned 2 Odys....true i had 2 odys at a time... i sold one of them and kept the other...i loved the ehicle soooo much and was very picky in maitaining it....
had tooooo much hassles with the dealer and couldn't sort the problems out with them...
honda people are trying to be smart enough to extract your money from your pocket and keep a yellow smile on their faces...
the gear box i went repairing it for 2 times over 50.000 Km usage....i had the vehicle as second hand and was astonished to know that the first owner had repaired it as well for 2 times over 120.000 Km usage...
all in all...4 times repair of the transmission over 170.000 Km not mile..KM....can any one immagine this..?
went back to Honda and they admitted the problem that they have a transmission problem with this model and could not take the responsibility of fixing it for the customers once they are paying.....what a cheat.
it costed me around 4000 USD for the 2 repairs i did....
after got it sold.........decided to boycot HONDA forever due to their irresponsible attitude....
Comments welcomed
my e.mail: [email protected]
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