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2003 EX-L
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Is the battery drain of 0.16A excessive?
LX model 2002
Yes it is. i believe the max should be around 50ma or 0.050A in an older Ody like yours and mine.
An 0.16A draw will really drain your battery. Once the battery gets weaker, it will also not recover as quickly.
Do a search in this forum on that topic and you 'might' be able to figure out the cause for your vehicle.
Me, I have not been able to find the real cause but I do pull two fuses to really help slow down that battery drain when my Ody will not be used for several days.

Sure wish I could figure it out. I know the most likely circuits, but, it is super difficult to pinpoint the actual problem item, since there are so many items on those circuits.
I pull fuse#13 (7.5A -clock, back up) and fuse#12 (20A-Dr slide door). Fuse# 13 seems to be the biggest drain circuit of the two.
Complicated? Here is what is involved in just fuse#13 (7.5A):
Pass Mulitplex Control Unit
Gauge Assembly
Sliding Doors
Drivers Multiplex Control Unit
Door Multiplex Control Unit
Climate control unit,
Heater control panel,
Simple, isn't it????
Just find the offending item. 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ :mad: :eek:


2003 EX-L
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And it's called clock back up fuse?
I edited original post, but will add:
"Update: pulling out Clock Back-up Fuse (front pass side fuse box - #13, 7.5A) "fixed" the problem and draw dropped to 0.01A. What could be faulty in the digital clock?"
now, since you gave me a short list of "what to check", I need to thick either to live without those components, or to check them one by one.....
I hate electrical issues....
It's actually "Clock, back up" (notice the comma) which I think means the fuse is for the clock, as just one of the things it has something to do with. Probably because if someone's clock is not working, they will look for a fuse that feeds it and if it says 'clock' it must be the one. :)

I would think that the cause of the drain is a relay staying energized or similar due to a micro-switch or similar.

One of those other items listed as being on the #13 list are most likely the cause of the drain. Which one? Very hard to isolate the item because you can't just go in and disconnect them one at a time, at least not without a LOT of difficulty.

Many times it has something to do with the sliding doors, or so I've heard.
Best of luck!! (y)(y) 馃檹
PS: If you do find the cause of the drain, please post it. 馃榾

2003 EX-L
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What is the "rest" time for the computer to go to sleep mode?
I measured battery drain after the car was parked for 10 or more minutes. no accessories, no dome lights, no key in ignition. Only one sliding door was open and sliding door switch on dashboard was in "off" position (to prevent accidental activation of sliding doors.
What is IIRC?
IIRC If I Recall Correctly.
IIRC that 'mystery' plug is for some diagnostic work and doesn't stay connected.
As I recall the computer shut down time was under 10 min when I was measuring it at the battery before it dropped down to just over 0.15A or so.
When I checked my parasitic drain a year or two ago, I had these switches off (Driver's Window Only Switch, the interior master light switch including rear light switch, my remote mirror adj switch, my on-dash sliding doors switch and I even taped my door open switch to the closed position so I could get into my Ody is I wanted to.
I also spent over a half hour doing this after I waited for the computer to shut down.
My suspicions are mainly sliding door switches or locks. Sad that no one has come up with a way to find the offender. .
So when, if, you find the culprit. please post back.
I do have a wiring diagram on the #13 fuse circuit in my Service Manual, I believe,
With the wiring harnesses and difficult access to singular disconnect points, it is frustrating.
I only drive the Ody around once a week so it doesn't get fully charged very often (parked outside with no electric).
I do check the water level in the battery and keep the connectors and posts clean.
This has been going on for around 10yrs now. :eek:

2003 EX-L
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1 - all doors closed - battery draw is 0.03A
2 - one sliding door open - battery draw is 0.15A
3 - door closed - battery draw is 0.03A
4 - opposite sliding door open - battery draw is 0.15A
5 - all closed - battery draw is 0.03A
6 - fuse #13 (pass side) is out - battery draw is 0.00?A.
7 - open sliding door (fuse #13 is in) - battery draw is 0.15A
8 - unlock car with remote (fuse #13 is in)- battery draw is 5.xxA
9 - all doors closed (fuse #13 is in)- battery draw is 0.3A
10 - front pass door open(fuse #13 is in) - battery draw is 0.11A
11 - all doors closed again (fuse #13 is in)- battery draw is 0.03A

conclusion - when door related switches are "triggered", there's a current draw.
My observations and fears that battery draw is excessive (0.16A) was incorrect, because door was open.

Am I correct?
Sounds like you don't have a heavy parasitic drain after all. Wish I could say that!! :eek: 馃槹
Nice work on checking those things out. :)

2003 EX-L
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Yes. Are you finding your battery dead in the morning?

Here is my recent notes regarding fuse 13 and battery drain....Parasitic Drain Fuse 13 ( 7.5A) Passenger Side Take note on the way I test it without cutting the battery connections at anytime. If any of your electrical stuff(sliding doors, locks etc.) is not working, I would look into those first.
All my electrical stuff is working except for my driver's main door lock, which has to be opened or locked manually with a key or fingers. If driver's door lock knob is in the locked position, none of the other door locks (yep, the other 4) will work with the remote, or the door lock/unlock button, to either lock or unlock the other doors. If I use the key or my fingers to unlock any of those 4 other doors, the remote will unlock all other doors whether the driver's door is locked or unlocked, but it will not lock or unlock the driver's door.
My battery needed to be replaces about every year until I started removing the fuses.
I am reluctant to replace the locking motor in my driver's door as it could also be that damn circuit in the lower passenger side behind the fuse box, which sounds like a PITA to access. Some repair the burnt trace by soldering a wire to jumper that trace. Seems as if when the driver's door lock motor starts failing, it draws a lot of amperage and that burns out that trace in the aforementioned circuit board.
Also, that drain on my battery causes the alternator to work harder and wear the brushes faster.


2003 EX-L
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You just answered your issue. Fix the drivers door lock actuator and your battery drain will most probably disappear.
So ,do you think that if I just physically disconnected the power door lock actuator, the main parasitic drain would go away?
I really don't want to go through the expense or work involved to actually replace the actuator itself.
PS: Besides, I don't understand how the non-working lock actuator would/could a parasitic drain.
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