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At my routine oil change service this week, I got a report of my battery being 'bad', requiring replacement. It read out at 504 ccw(?), when it should be 640.
Funny thing is, it's a brand spankin' new Costco battery, that I installed 4 months ago!!

Funny thing is that when my original oem battery died on me when the van was 1.5 yrs old (battery warranty still active), it 'tested' "GOOD" by the dealer, so they didn't replace it.

Now, though unlikely, I guess it is possible that a brand new Costco battery be 'bad' after 4 months of routine use, I just think this is kinda weird.

To be safe, I replaced the 4 month old Costco battery with a new Costco battery, so at least I can sleep at night, knowing the battery is good. Not sure if my dealer can sleep well at night though.
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