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Bee wax rust preventive... is that good ?

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Hi... We are going to pick up our Ody next tuesday and we have to decide if we want Honda to do the rust preventive using bee wax on it. As anyone had it done and can you please tell us if it's worth paying 500$ canadian for it. Do you suggest another kind of rust preventive that is better? ... Thank you for your help.

Louise & Sylvain
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Have you ever seen a rusty bee? Sorry, I couldn't pass on that one. Some of our cold country folks should have some advice for you on that one. With all the anti-corrosion measures taken on the new vehicles, this smacks of "snake oil" to me. I have heard that undercoating products can actually "cause" more problems than they cure, if the application happens to be done improperly. In places where there is a gap in the coverage, the contaminants can actually be held in and have a better chance to cause corrosion than when they are merely on the surface. But then, what could a coastal California guy know about such things. Good luck.......

Jerry O. 2001 GG LX
Thank you for answering Jerry. I wished we would of gotten more replies...maybe I did'nt formulate my question right (french here). We did have the oil and bee wax done on our van. A lot of salt is put on the streets during winter so we taught it was better to prevent. We also got like you a GG LX (Fern in Canada) and we are very happy with our choice
Merci Jerry

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I too am very interested in whether or not we should get have our new Ody (due next week) treated to prevent rust.

When I search the internet, I find that the majority of positive comments come from companies that sell or apply the rustproofing materials, or from people who just bought the treatment.

There are many reports from people who have kept their untreated cars more than 10 years without rust.

We get LOTS of salt here in Chicago in Winter (too much salt if you ask me). Anyway, our 1985 Prelude has NO undercarriage rust nor does our 1988 Lincoln (with 150,000 miles). We've replaced some exhaust pipes and mufflers, but that's it. Neither of these two cars has any rustproofing treatment, other than we often take them to car washes when salt is applied, which can occur between November and April here.

I can't find many research studies that say rustproofing actually works.

The April 2001 Consumer Reports article "Are Today's Cars More Reliable?" states that body rust problems have almost completely vanished due to new materials, design, and construction techniques.

Some newsgroup posters said that their beeswax treatment melted onto their driveways on hot summer days.

Some preventative treatments actually make the problem worse by trapping salt and moisture against the metal.

Until I read some thorough and convincing analyses, I'm going to stay away from undercoating.

It would be helpful if someone could post some web links to scientific articles on this subject. Can anyone help here?



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I don't want to insult my Quebecoise neighbour but really believe that "beeswax" treatments are overly expensive.

We have been using Krown on 4 vehicles for years with excellent results. They charge $89-99 CDN.

They have been recommended by the Canadian Automotive Protection Association for 15 years as the best rust proofing available.

No one has more salt than Toronto as Toronto has the continent's worst drivers.
Originally posted by Snowfanatic:
I don't want to insult my Quebecoise neighbour but really believe that "beeswax" treatments are overly expensive.

I agree with you SnowFanatic it's expensive but I trust the Honda dealer who did it. It's life garantied & Honda will inspect it every 2 years and add product, if needed, with no extra charge. The program of protection is provided by "Pro-Tech Seal", a company from Edmonton, Alberta. I think they applied the beewax for the inside parts and
they used another product for under the van (not oil, made a mistake before).

Louise & Sylvain

2002, Fern LX
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