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I just got some winter tires and thought, since our 2016 ody has relatively few miles (40k), it would be a good idea to get a second set of rims to make change-outs easier and preserve the life of my stock rims/tires.

I just scored an amazing deal on these Liquid Metal wheels at the local Discount Tire basically the same price as some lug-centric steelies:

I've never bought aftermarket rims before. These machined wheels are giving me a little concern as a dedicated winter set. Question is - would I be better off dismounting my current all-seasons and putting the winter set on the stock rims, then mounting my all-seasons on these new rims come springtime? I do really like the look of them, and wouldn't be bothered to have them on for longer periods of time than just the winter. One other concern is we eventually do intend to tow a pop-up camper with this van - any concerns there? Any other concerns with longer / heavier use (summer) vs shorter harsher use (winter)? Think it will even matter?

Thanks for any thoughts!
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