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Best Year?

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Wow. This could really turn into an ugly thread. I did do a search - really.

Having owned an '04 and an '06, I've come the realization that all Hondas are not created equal - that Honda can make (gulp) less than perfect vehicles.

The '04 was in fact perfect - not a single issue in the 2 years we owned. Granted, we had less than 40,000 miles when we sold it. But it was arguably the benchmark for all minivans... at the time.

The '06, while loaded to the gills with bells and whistles, had many many more problems. Stuff broke. My image of Honda changed... they're human after all.

So now, I'm looking at getting another Ody - an older one. My initial thought was an '04. But I keep reading/hearing of tranny problems. I know the Gen 3s have issues. I'm stumped.

Assuming I want and need NO bells and whistles, what's the safest bet on a 75,000-100,000 mile used Gen 2 or Gen 3 Ody.

I apologize in advance for many directions this thread could head ;)
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2nd gen was the best for sure if no transmission problem existed.

I never like the 3rd generation vans. Seemed the overall quality really suffered.

The 1st gens were also pretty good.

It will be interesting to see how the 4th gen does.

Not sure what you should get, but I would lean towards an '04 myself and keep your fingers crossed about the tranny.
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