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Billet aluminum grill

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Thought you guys would like these. They are Japanese and I have no idea who makes them. Yet.

'01 GG EX
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I like it.

Who has the Honda bug shield- does the shield attach thru the grill? I wonder if you could do both....hmmm......

01 TW EX/Navi
Bug shields and shiny metal braces?? ...nah, I like the natural look, you know... something that's got more bite (grin)...

The Wabbit ones would have looked cool on a SS (with a big wad of cotton on the rear hatch) for Easter. LOL

Best Regards,
I LOVE those! I want a Miata now.

'01 GG EX
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Nice Billet Aluminum Grill. I'm surprised noone has made one of these for the Ody yet here in the US Market.
Wow, talk about digging up the archives ! 2 years ?
Whoa.......this original post is from WAAAAAY BACK.

anyways, in case it was never are the options.

1) BlazingStars for 48,000 yen. That's for the regular grill only.


2) Hilltop . Yep, the same shop that does the half clear/red tail lamps. They will make it for you. The reg grill is 45,000yen, and that bottom grill, which they call 'bumper grill' is another 45,000yen.

I was looking at getting them when they first came out, but I thought that someone in the US would come out w/ a grill for the Odyssey. Be able to save $$ on shipping.
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Had to bring the topic back since some of our members are asking about alternative grills. Thanks for the info Randy. Mahalo dude.
Teasing us

Yes you are!
Im still wondering if any one knows anything about the grille with the fog lights attached to something with some info. ever heard of the "search function"????
i see you posting and asking the same question about the grill w/ the foglights in them.

It took me less than 1 minute to find this for you.
here it is SEARCH
Looks like some of the pictures and links don't work though.
Thanks alot. I really appriciate it that you took the time to help me out.:D :D :D I tried the searce engine under "grill" but nothing came up that I was looking for. Thank you very much again.
vspecody said: ever heard of the "search function"????
All the newbies reading this post, PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS FUNCTION !!!!!
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