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I am very handy mechanic wise and bought a '06 Oddy ex-l full knowing it had the rear motor mount issue, but looked to be under warranty. To be sure I even test drove the thing to a Honda dealer and had them look up the VIN and warranty info to be sure. So I thought.

A big road trip scheduled to visit family the next day so we drove it as is, and while visiting family in VA and decided to get it fixed. Made res. on Friday at Billy Craft Honda for the following Monday. Monday morning, took van in. Told service writer what suspected issue was, and that it was under
the 5/60 warranty. Got call late that afternoon that they found out the rear motor mount was bad (guy acted surprised), and that it was not covered under my warranty and it would cost nearly $940!! I did not have act surprised! Guy claimed the '06 did not have the
5/60k warranty until the '07's came out. Asked if he was sure and he said that they had checked it out.

I figured I had been lied to / misinformed by either the local dealer in Tx or Billy Craft Honda. Billy Craft's service man sounded confident in his findings, and guy in TX was young, so I bought it and asked if he could call the district rep and ask for adjustment as this should not wear out in
less than 60k. Guy calls back and says that they will
cover 1/2 and my share is $500. I tell
them to go ahead and fix I guess, as It needs to be done anyway, and I'll shake whatever tree necessary to get Honda to pay it sooner or later - I'm that way! They also told me the car would not be completed today even with my reservation, and I'd have to wait for the following afternoon.

I was out shopping with family when this happened, so got home and fired up a computer and did some searches on honda oddyessy 2006 warranty and quickly found a press release on Honda's own website indicating the change to the 5/60 for all models listed including odyessy have 5/60 powertrain.

The next day the service guy calls me later and says car is done. I ask if they are 100% SURE sure that the vehicle is not covered by warranty, he says yes. I ask to speak
to service manager again. Kevin says they checked and its NOT covered and sounded a little annoyed at me for asking. I told him I checked and it is covered in full. He says how? I told
him the Honda website told me.

(I'm really wondering about this now...He should have access to it even more
info than I do!) Says he'll call me back.

Later he says he made a mistake and the repair is covered. I'm happy but still incredulous. Dumb-ass or shiest-er? I'm pissed off and go pickup van. Give him earful about
issue. he claims that Honda unlike GM and C do not have a national
database that shows the warranty status of each vehicle, you have to
keep track of them yourself or so he says. He lost track of the
change to the 5/60 he says as it was 3/36 for so long.

Hard to believe that the service manager Kevin at Billy Craft Honda in Lynchburg VA who bragged he has worked there for nearly 25 years did not know more about the warranty than I did, someone who less than a week ago had not owned a Honda vehicle besides '80's motorcycles!

I think they were going to charge Honda for the repair, as well as charge me if I was dumb enough to pay it! What a bunch of crooks! What if this had been my wife or someone who was not so stubborn or prone to looking at details like this?

Well at least Van runs a LOT better with motor mount and the part number is slightly
different so it is likely improved over the original one.
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