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both red and green are new for 02'

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Thank you, nemogira, for answering my questions about the new RedRock Pearl color and the nav & res.
The pictures of the red van are very helpful. My concern is that since the color of red is so bright, it may make the stop light not so noticeable to others while braking. This led me to look at the green color, I noticed that the 02' green color is lighter than the previous years. And personally I think it looks better than the old dark emerald green. I just wonder why everyone are so excited about the new red color and has not noticed the new green color. Since you are so knowledgeable, are you able to show me any pictures about this new evergreen color so that I can make up my mind to pick the right color?
Thanks again.
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I also have a few pics of the new green, as well as red. However I could not figure out an easy way to post them, and now I wonder if we are not supposed to. I personally preferred the darker green, but it is all personal taste. We opted for the red (wife loves the red).
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