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Bought an 07 MDX, need a forum.

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We traded the 01 Ody for an 07 MDX technology pkge.
Is there a MDX site that compares to the Odyclub site, which I feel is one of the best sites out there. I would like to find out about accessories and issues to be aware of about the mdx.
Thanks a lot.
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I have heard about the site. Not been on there though.
babyhauler said:
Is there a MDX site that compares to the Odyclub site, which I feel is one of the best sites out there.
Yes-- is a very active site with specific sub-forums for various models, like your MDX and our TL.
The off-topic Car Talk and Ramblings sections are also quite enlightening and entertaining-- one poster says it's "like Google, but with insults." :p :stupid:
Here is the link to the site dvpatel mentioned. It is very similar to this forum. Congratulations on the MDX. I have an 03 MDX that I may keep forever, and was tempted to get another MDX to replace our Ody when I saw the new Ody prices.
Thanks guys,

First thing, let me THANK YOU ALL for making this a very useful and informative site. We had our '01 ODY for ten years and it has been a good vehicle. Not perfect, but a trustworthy Honda as expected. This site saved me some money through the years.
I visited the mdx site and looked around a little. It looks like a good place for info. Numbers are lower than Odyclub, but I guess there are a lot more Ody's than MDX's.
I have admired the MDX for a while. I never thought we would have one. I have friends at the local dealer and this 4 year lease return showed up with less than 20k miles. Old couple had it & it was very clean. We saw it & drove it before it was cleaned up and serviced. It still looked new inside. It looked even better after it was detailed. Black with the light tan interior. That will be fun to keep clean inside and out.

Thank you again,

Montgomery, Al.
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