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The previous owner kept all the receipts and off course what do I see, 2 accident repair reports. Anyway, I guess carfax is only good if the repair place or insurance company updates the info in carfax, not sure how that works. The car had a clean carfax report, I should see if I can get my money back, LOL.

So the culprit of it all was the rear passenger side light assembly.... the repair place wired it wrong and the socket was bad which was causing the brake lights to function abnormally (with the parking lights ON), the cruise control not working (with the parking lights ON), the radio lights to come ON when you press on the brakes (with the parking lights OFF), the VSA to come ON (with the parking light ON).

Everything is working normally now with the parking light ON or OFF. The dealer replaced the PS Pump and Reservoir, they did the recall on the master cylinder, and I had the timing belt (etc.) all done.

$1k later, yay! :nothappy:

Now I will have to get the K&N engine filter, the cabin filter, and replace the rear shock (found right side leaking). This I should be able to do myself.

You sound almost like me, lol.

I have been doing items on our 07 EXL RES for the past 10 mos now.

Many of the items you listed, I have done as well. The shocks are actually pretty easy to do. I did both rear shocks in about 45min, and that was with many interruptions and doing one side while talking on the phone.

Glad to hear it wasn't a hard fix!
I have personally come to enjoy the work on the family van. It gives me some quiet time away, if you know what I mean lol.
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