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Brake noise

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> I own a 2001 Odyssey EX purchased at the end of December 2000 which now has a little over 5,000 miles on it. Generally I am very satisfied with the vehicle.
> However, about a month ago I began to notice a peculiar groaning or vibration noise coming out of the disk brakes, not often, and not always, but since then it has gotten progressively worse, and much more frequently now.
> I took the van into Burns Honda , Marlton New Jersey service department to determine what the problem is and how to solve it.
> They were advised that Honda is aware of the problem and their engineers are working to develop a brake pad with a different composition to eliminate the noise.
From what little I know about the problem it isnt uncommon, anyone else having the same or similiar problem ?
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I have a 6 month old 2001 Ody. Have experienced same brake noise. I have worked with Honda and they are allowing me to try the new pads as a test. should get installed next week. Will keep posted on results.
Same here. Coming to a quick stop from a relatively fast speed results in a "grinding" noise from the front pads.

Had the exact same problem whenever I used third-party "semi-metallic" brake pads on my old Honda Accord. Switching to genuine Honda pads solved the problem.

Let me know if the problem gets resolved. And if so, let me know the new part number for the pads so that I can ask for them for my Odyssey.
I've had my Ody (2001, 7500 miles) back to the dealer 3 times for unacceptable brake noise..diagnosis...brake glaze causing noise, groan. Good friction materials in pads/linings are hard to find these days sinces abestos is disappearing; Honda needs to examine Kevlar or Carbon/Kevlar compunds which stop a vehicle on a dime, lasts longer, and eliminates brake dust. Rear drums also need to be replaced by rotors/pads.
Did wolfer42 ever get the test replacement pads ?
Update on Brake pads: Honda installed new upgraded pads on my van and I have not experienced the problem brake noise. It's been 2 weeks since they have been installed. Guess they fixed the problem.
Did you get a part #?

I've had two panic stops since we got out '01 and the fronts sounded like they were falling apart. They grind under hard braking.

'01 GG EX
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by wolfer42:
Update on Brake pads: Honda installed new upgraded pads on my van and I have not experienced the problem brake noise. It's been 2 weeks since they have been installed. Guess they fixed the problem.</font>
Did they resurface the rotors? If they did, that might explain why the noise is gone, the glaze is what causes the noise.

I don't think there is such thing as upgraded pads because the brake noise problem started since 1999 model, Honda has had over 2 years to come up with better pads. The fact that 2001 model still experience the same problem tells me that they are using the same parts they have been using since 1999 model.

I have heard that Honda rotors are easily warped, if that's true, that might explain the vibration and the noise that some of us are experiencing.

Just brought my 2000 LX back to the dealer to check out the front brake grinding noise I hear after extended braking and right before the vehicle comes to a stop. Only 15% of the front pads were left after only 19K miles!! I couldn't believe it! Since brakes are not covered under warranty I had to have new pads put on. I'm very disappointed the pads did not last longer. OTOH, we do mostly city driving and this is a heavy vehicle. I also found out that after 12 months/12K miles things like alignment, wheel balance are not covered. I did get them to do the front subframe shift to cure the pull to the right. They tried to tell me this was not covered under warranty since it's an alignment issue even though there is a TSB on it. I said B.S. - this was a preexisting condition from the factory and you can fix it. So they did.

I also had them fix the sliding door handle I broke because of the door sticking, squeaky right rear window motor, sticking sunglass holder, broken hinge on rear storage compartment, broken tie down hook, loose driver seat. This was all covered under warranty. I'm a little disappointed with all this happening in so short a time period, but am happy overall with the van.

Good news is that I saved $60 on labor costs by mentioning the TSB below. They had to take off the rotors to resurface them anyway, so I just paid $50 for pads and $30 for labor.

Service Bulletin Number: 022300
Bulletin Sequence Number: 135
Date of Bulletin: 0002
NHTSA Item Number: SB613528
Year: 2000
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I have a 2001 LX. I intermittently get the groaning noise from the front brakes. However, I don't get this noise if I drive the ODY w/ the transmission on D3. Nevertheless, I'll call my dealer as I drive more often on D4 and at least inspect the brakes for my peace of mind.

i also have had a grinding noise coming from the front discs. i had the dealer look at the brakes at 10000km and they did a "clean & adjust" under warranty. however, the noise has never really gone away. im my opinion, the noise come's and go's depending on how hot the brakes are.

2000 lx,fern grey,remote starter, single disc cd player,roof rack with cross rails, bra, hidden hitch,csa 5 spoke alloy wheels,15% film over oem privacy glass and artic alpine tires on the oem steel wheels.
Now that you mentioned it, I get the groaning noise sometimes also when braking hard. First time it happened was last year off an I80 off-ramp at Wendover. I thought the noise was the warning groves some roads have to wake up sleepy drivers. But I've heard the noise a few more time recently. Too bad I didn't get the dealer to check the brakes before 12K miles. I'll have to check to see how much of the brake pad is left the next time I rotate the tires.
I have a new set of brakes on the front replacing those that made the noises, I understand now that Honda has come out with a notice concerning brake noises caused by the material in the pads.
Mine have been on about a month and a half and so far have been fine, no noise at all
I have replaced my OEM pads with Bendix pads and for 2k miles, have not had the problem return. The good part about these pads is that when they wear out, they will send you a second set!


2000 GG EX-Navi
1998 Integra GS-R
1995 Legend L Sedan
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