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Brake pedel hiss sound

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Got a 2001 GG EX 1800mi and I'm noticing a slight hissing sound when I depress the brake pedal. The hiss does not continue when the brake pedal is held down; only when it's in a downward motion. I don't recall for sure if this sound was there originally and I was wondering if anyone else noticed this sound and if this a normal sound for the ody brake system?
I'm aware of a faint vacuum booster sound being present in other cars I've driven however this sound seems more pronounced.
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We have the same issue on our'01. It has been there since we got it early August. My opinion is that it is just vacuum booster noise and will have it checked at 1st service. If I notice any braking problems will take in immeadiately. So far seems to have no effect on system.

'01 GG LX
'94 Ingegra GSR
Yes, this was on our 2002 model as well. It could be because of a lack of insulation under the dash (did you notice the colorful wires there) that this sound got into the cabin. On our accord I noticed the same sound when I open the window and brake alongside a wall. I think it's nothing to be worried about.

2002 MB LX
Thanks for the quick feedback!
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