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Well, just yesterday (monday, June 30) I brought our 01 EX in to get the rear drums fixed. Or hoped to get it fixed rather. The problem is that they would squeal even after 20 minutes of driving, but only with the correct brake pressure applied. A little too much pressure, nothing. Too little, nothing.

I had gone in last Friday and the service manager (BTW he's a very nice guy) went on a test drive and heard it, but this monday he went on holiday, leaving me with this lazy guy in the booth. The manager promised me that he would change the shoes but come Monday it was an entire different story. The guy said he can only do the brake service because Honda's Tech line said so. Ofcourse I am not too happy about it but knowing the tech guy wont change his decision I decided to get the service done and wait for the manager to get back and see what happens.

Then there are the rear windows. They started to sqeak when closing a couple months ago so I got both motors replaced (from a different dealership), but merely a month later both vents started sqeaking again, only this time the weather has to be hot, so it's a on and off thing. I also mentioned this problem on Monday but they weren't willing to do anything. Their explanatin is that it's common, so it's normal.
I am not please at all with this new (supposely better service) dealership but can anyone tell me what they did to get these problems fixed. I am tired from bringing the Ody into the shop for the same problems over and over again!!!
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