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Brakes wear out too fast

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We've got an '00 EX with 30k after 23 months (we got one of the early ones). Mileage has racked up both as a suburban mom-mobile around town, and about 12k of long distance interstate.

While we've been frustrated at the # of recalls, we've been pretty pleased. It sure is a great over-the-road cruiser.

BUT...the brakes may be a problem. I have seen other comments on this at various web sites. The original set wore out at ~18k. The replacement set (yes, genuine parts) is now just about gone. Two sets in 30?? That's not right! Dealer comments didn't make sense (you must be riding your brakes). I think the brakes are undersized, leading to rapid wearing. We ran into this a while back on a Datsun. They had just created a new "in-between size" model. Brakes came from the smaller model, and were never up to the job on the heavier vehicle. Could the same thing be happening here? This may be another first-year problem (I think most of the recalls are like that).

Other minor complaints: engine idiot lights have come on twice with false alarms, not including when it comes on when it thinks yo need an oil change. That's a pure service market ploy (Jiffy-lube et al. do a great job of changing oil, but don't seem to know how to reset counte for the oil change. Do only Honda dealers know the trick??)
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Good to see another Marylander on the site. I can't help you with the brake problem. But, to reset the "Maintenance Required" indicator follow these steps:
1. Turn off the engine
2. Press and hold the Select/Reset button in the instrument panel, then turn the ignition switch on.
3. Hold the button for about ten seconds, until the indicator resets.

This came out of the manual for my 99EX. Hope it helps.


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Sorry...for what its worth, my Odyssey is a '99 EX, not a 2000. Rockville.
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