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Breaking -in: the real story

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I'm sorry if this topic is repetitive. I've looked through the search menu and have, frankly, been a little confused. Some have said that you should just drive no problem, others have said go highway, and still others have said to do stop-and-go city driving. I've even read the posts that have said that Honda has 2,000 miles on the engine prior to your purchase (hmmm...). We're buying our Odyessy 3 hours away, highway driving. I had no thought of driving it home until I talked to my brother who said I should be careful about how we drive the car during "the break in period." I am not a car expert, but is this a real issue or just something made up that you can blame yourself for in the future if anything goes wrong?
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Just drive the damn thing home. If my math is correct, 3 hours times 70 MPH equals 210 miles. BIG DEAL. If this screws up the van, Honda has a big problem! Initial break-in period is 600 miles then 3750 to 7500 miles till the first oil change and I am POSITIVE that you will be doing mixed driving once you get it home. Just drive it like you would any other car and don't worry about it.

Now..... If you were a traveling salesman and were driving 500 highway miles every day, then that would be different, but a 210 mile trip home on the highway then mixed city/highway driving for the remainder of the break-in period is fine. I drove mine from Oklahoma City to Dallas and back 3 days after taking delivery and everything is fine. Remember, highway driving is part of the break-in period too.

Happy motoring!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by jkues:
Years ago, driving a 77 Volare, I got stopped for speeding by a Ohio State Patrolman who was driving a Plymouth. I explained that the engine was burning oil and I was trying to vary the speeds, and we began exchanging sad stories about Chrysler engines. I did not get a ticket!

Thank GOD that we are talking about a Honda and not a Chrysler!

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