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Breaking -in: the real story

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I'm sorry if this topic is repetitive. I've looked through the search menu and have, frankly, been a little confused. Some have said that you should just drive no problem, others have said go highway, and still others have said to do stop-and-go city driving. I've even read the posts that have said that Honda has 2,000 miles on the engine prior to your purchase (hmmm...). We're buying our Odyessy 3 hours away, highway driving. I had no thought of driving it home until I talked to my brother who said I should be careful about how we drive the car during "the break in period." I am not a car expert, but is this a real issue or just something made up that you can blame yourself for in the future if anything goes wrong?
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Hey, that could have been the legendary 'slant-6' in the Volare...!
I have heard every theory too on break-in miles. I have also talked to friends/engineers who generally feel that new vehicles are built with such close tolerances/quality (?) that break-in is not as critical as vehicles years ago. We drove over 140 miles home with our van...but realizing that at 80mph in fifth it's only turning 2000rpm I was no overly concerned. About the only vehicles I have 'babied' during break-in has been my sportbikes, then again with a 13000rpm redline it's a different animal!
I have never heard of a massive engine failure attributed to break-in Urban Legend? (Probably not another conversation to repeat!)

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