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Bug Deflector Installation

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I'm going to install a bug deflector I bought from I was surprised to see two large supports that needed to be afixed to the hood using the adhesive backing. Question: Would the adhesive backing damage the clearcoat/paint, if I need to remove the bug deflector>
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I know this is an old post but for the record:
Dunno if you went with the bug deflector, but the two towers that are at either side of the assembly have been on for decades on my 2003. They are hell to get off, unless you use heat and a plastic trim tool to work it off. It does affect the clear coat and can take the paint off if you aren't careful. Im using heat and goo gone to get the rest of the protective plastic dots and other mounting tape off and it sucks.
I've had a non-aerosol can of this stuff for 30 years. It just works. Sometimes, a specialty product for autos is worth the extra cost.
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